Your Drink Your Way

Selfee Soft Drinks Megastore is the first of it's kind. Interactive & self service; create your own quality soft drinks and a great 'on the go' hot drinks range.  

Cold drinks

  • 6 flavours of  the amazing Fizzee frozen carbonated drinks  - mix them up and add ice cream, your choice!
  • 9 flavours of the stunning Snowshock slush drinks - mix them up and add ice cream, your choice!
  • Awesome Frappina iced coffee, mocha and chocolate milkshake - add flavoured syrups too

Soft drinks are self service, we have created a unique, exciting, interactive and fun atmosphere where you can create 'YOUR DRINK YOUR WAY'. 

Self Serve Soft Ice Cream

Make your own! Start with ice cream, keep it plain or add unlimited toppings and sauces all for one great value price.

Hot Drinks

On the go hot drinks, always fresh and ready to serve. 

  • Stunning Frappina Hot chocolate
  • Moreish Frappina Mocha
  • Fresh Frappina filter coffee 

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